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Macky 2 & Chef 187 Clap Back At Tommy D’s Remarks

The rift between Zambian rappers “Chef 187 & Tommy D” can be traced back when rapper “Tommy D” called “Chef 187” a Kapyopyo on a song titled “Keep Forgetting” by Koby which was released in the year 2019. On the same song titled Keep Forgetting” Tommy D also named dropped Macky 2’s name were he said he introduced him to some music industry giants. After the song was released, Chef 187 didn’t respond to Tommy D’s remarks on the song but his elder brother “Macky 2” responded to Tommy D. Macky 2 said Tommy D was just being bitter and should move on. Some few days ago, Tommy D was hosted on an interview with Dj Showstar. Tommy D once again said something which seems to have not been liked by Chef 187 & Macky 2. Tommy D said that Chef 187 was the first person to diss him and he had let it slide. On the same interview, Tommy D said he wrote songs for Mampi and also said he was a ghost writer for certain artists.

When Dj Showstar shared this interview on his Instagram account, Macky 2 commented on the post and had something to say about it. He said nowadays a rapper has to mention his name for him to be relevant for the next 5 min with a laughing emoji at the end of his sentence. Check screenshot below!
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On the other hand, rapper “Chef 187” seemingly to have clap back at Tommy D in a twitter tweet where he said “Zambian ghost writers never want to be ghosts, balamba nama interviews.” Checkout his tweet below!!

Macky 2 Responds to Tommy D’s Verse, Calls it “Bitter”

Macky 2222

HipHop heavyweight “Macky 2” couldn’t hesitate to respond to Tommy D‘s controversial verse on “Keep Forgetting“. On the record which is actually for KobyTommy D recalls of the times he helped Macky 2 to have a stand in the music industry. He also name drops the likes of Chef 187, Mampi and others.

In his response posted on social media, Macky 2 despite being a fan of authentic and unfiltered rap, he feels Tommy D sounded bitter on the song. Macky 2 refers to Tommy D as he favourite rapper but also points out that he has worked hard to promoted peace and unity in the Industry hence the industry doesn’t need this type of publicity stunt.

IMG 20191121 WA0020
He however credits the song by calling it ‘dope‘ and also shares the YouTube link of the Video in the same Facebook post. Both rappers were once close buddies back in the day and collaborated on songs like “Nicha” but however the state of their friendship is unclear lately.

WATCH:Jaw Dropping Interview Of Tommy Dee With DJ Showstar

It’s only right to say Zambian  HipHop Mogul Tommy Dee will be relevant for a long time. This comes after his recent interview with Mainstream media figure DJ Showstar . His interview will speak volume that you only can adjust .

Watch and leave a comment .

Chef 187 Goes off at named Zambian Ghost Writers!

Multi-Award winning HipHop artiste “Chef 187” today went off at named Zambian Ghost Writers who have been doing interviews. The rapper who didn’t state their names threw shade and wondered how ‘Ghost Writers’ can come out in the open to do Interviews.

In his Tweet which has since stirred social media buzz, Chef 187 says ‘Zambian Ghost Writers never want to be Ghosts‘. Despite not mentioning names, many people have ended up concluding he might be going after Tommy D and Tiye-P who have recently done Interviews and made Ghost Writing Claims. In an Interview with Dj ShowstarTommy D disclosed he wrote a song for MampiTiye P also disclosed being a Ghost Writer on ZMB talks. Both rapper recently have taken shots at the Numero Uno and maybe the shoe could be fitting.

Macky 2222

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